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Market Dates

St. John's Farmers' Market 2022:

Confirmed Dates: July 23, Aug. 6

Tentative Dates: Aug. 20, Sept. 3 

Contact & Orders/Delivery


Email Address



Ordering from Little HK Bakery is easy! You can contact us through:


*Facebook/Instagram message 

*or by telephone: 709-754-5292 

Please Indicate which item(s) you would like, the quantity, and when/where you would like delivery within the metro area. Please note: Deliveries within St. John's have a $3.00 charge, those within metro, but outside of St. John's, are $5.00.

As all products are made to order, please place orders a minimum of 48 hours prior to date/time of delivery.  Larger orders, or those of more than one product, will require more than 48 hours notice. 

Please contact us if you require any additional information or have questions regarding products, orders, or our St. John's Farmers' Market schedule. 

Thank you for considering Little HK Bakery. We look forward to hearing from you!

Carla McIsaac

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